Understanding Cultural Appropriation

Source: Understanding Cultural Appropriation


An Interesting Way to Start a Blog


An interesting way to start a blog –

This blog is everything I want to do…But I didn’t know how to do it…So I sat and thought, “You can’t fail completely at something you have never tried..”

I’m a writer. I have plenty of journals that are so used that the covers are falling off. Music journals, planners, poetry diaries, and just a go-to journal that I use when I need to vent. I also have a journal that has to do with everything black hair. From texture identification, to the best conditioners. Now we (black girls/women) all understand that our takes time, money and skill to handle. I started this blog to try and connect myself with the Natural Hair Community so I could reap some of the benefits honestly.

I mean seriously this movement is something anyone with a right mind would want to be apart of. There is so much to talk about, so many conversations to be had, and so many things to discover. “So why not start now before the movement turns into a moment?” I thought.